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Nojobnofun.com is a platform where you create e-CV, portfolio, voice-CV, business card company and e-shop.


  • you will forward own domain to your website (by default, each website is placed on the individual subdomain address),
  • you will get a personalised email address in own domain with access to G Suite (Google Apps),
  • you will activate own the e-shop (PL), where you can sell your products and services – free of charge.

e-CV and portfolio is the perfect complement to the classical CV. You can paste your e-CV or portfolio address to the classic CV in the field of personal data. There are already such recruitment, where employers do not take the classic application as CV and cover letter as attachments in an email message. Then just create e-CV or portfolio and send your address to the employer.

We have prepared for you unique e-CV and portfolio templates.

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“Minds on the move” who is that?


Each graduated. No matter who gave the lessons – life or professor. We support – regardless of age – people looking for a (better) job, freelancers and volunteers in the field of acquisition and improvement of personal skills and professional competence.

“Minds on the move” are flexible people, forced by circumstances of life to migrate – geographical, industrial or mental. Therefore willing to reclassify to increase their chances on the job market. Characterized by a high determination to acquire new professional skills.

Migration is a new challenge and adventure – but also fear, insecurity, uncertainty of the future. Therefore, as a wandering graduates – literally and figuratively – they need specific support and guidance.

The expedition to the summit of his career. Association “Minds on the move” is a non-governmental organization that wants to accompany the graduates in this expedition.

We use new technologies in building a personal brand in the job market (personal branding), which is why we have created a platform Nojobnofun.com where you create your e-CV, portfolio, voice-CV, business card company and e-shop.

We are pro-employer and pro-worker. We are pro-employer and pro-worker. We are aware that the job market is a space of exchange and cooperation partner. That is why we follow the idea of continuous acquisition and improvement of a variety of personal skills and professional competence (lifelong learning).

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